What is Playa Mambo?

Playa Mambo is a small paradise in Tulum inspired by ancient Mayan constructions. It offers a unique connection of two seemingly disjointed worlds: the quiet and private tranquility that many among us yearn for and the comforts of an establishment reminiscent of a quaint New England inn where, if you so desire, you share and bond with the owners, employees and other guests.
Playa Mambo creates harmony and balance by integrating native, rustic materials, woods and stones with the natural beauty of the ocean.

What to expect?

Our grounds are pristine and the beach is breathtaking. Tulum is an ecological oasis located between the warm turquoise Caribbean ocean and the exuberant green jungle.
Tulum hotels are usually built using indigenous materials. Most hotels run on generators and the water is pumped in through wells. The Caribbean breeze and the fans in the rooms will keep you refreshingly cool while you rest in your cabaña.
If you want to disconnect from your busy life, Playa Mambo is the place to be.